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Kiri [userpic]

Patch 3.0.2. I don't know fo any person who ISN'T excited about the upcoming changes. I know I'm hopping aboun in my seat. XD

Durana, my main and my beloved hunter, is parked in the thousand needles by the dig site so she can tame one of those gorgeous Bronze Silithids. He's a rare spawn though, fingers crossed that he's there when I log back in. After I pick him up, I'm going into Mana tombs or Auchenai Crypts with my brother's Holy Priest and seeing exactly how well a Gorilladin can tank.

Kailna, my Tauren Druid will be next. She's going to be testing out all the new Bear tank abilities in addition to how all her stats are changing. I Also want to have a look at kitty form DPS.

Then I'll dust off Hylian, my Draenei Shammy. He'll be speccing resto, although I have to admit some of the new enhancement talents look awesome. I'll be leveling up inscription with him too, see how that works.

All in all, I'm bouncing around, waiting for the servers to go live. 12 hours has never seemed more like an ice age.

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Kiri [userpic]

Since last night, I've been filled with.... Well, that's just it, I dunno. A case of the "dunnos". I just feel uninspired to do anything. It's not exactly boredom, although that certainly factors into it. It's like... I've lost interest in everything. Normally I could cure this with a liberal dosing of World of Warcraft or some other game/activity, but it all seems same old-same old. Not to mention that I'm reluctant to do anything in WoW until that blasted content patch comes in.

It feels like someone has switched my brain into standby mode, or filled my skull up with marshmellows, urg.

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Kiri [userpic]

So um, yeah. World of Warcraft can throw some curveballs at me sometimes.

So, for those of you who have been playing WoW for these past few weeks, you'll know that the Brewfest event is happening. Now, both my brother and myself have been suffering from WoW burnout, so we haven't really been doing the brewfest activities. We have however been drafted into running the brewfest boss a couple of times, both with a full 5 tries, on our Alliance Characters.

On both of those runs, on the 5th try, the [Great Brewfest Kodo] dropped.

Both of us have had the luck to win those rolls.

Seriously, how lucky is that?! And how wierd. Balagen won his first, I got mine 2nd. I know of no other friends of mine online who have won it. It's a little insane.

Screenshots under the cut to prove I'm not lying :)

Dwarves on Kodo. How much more awesome can you get?Collapse )

Oh, and for those who are wondering, Emo moment ovah, will report more on that later.

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Kiri [userpic]

Y hallo thar!

After a bit of poking and lurking around on the internet, I've decided to start up one of these livejournal thingamajigs. Hopefully it'll get updated once and a while, unlike my previous attempts at doing something like this online.

Anyway, at this time I'd like this to be a journal for me to eventually look back on and to see how my life was back then... only with random people coming in and maybe seeing what i'm up to. I also want some really close online friends to be able to see how I feel and what I'm up to here. Spesifically some bloody awesome guild mates of mine in World of Warcraft. You know who you are. ;)

But please note, the next post I'm gonna put is is pretty emo. I'm going though some confusing times at the moment, and I just need a place to vent it all. I am NOT like this all the time, QQing for attention. I'm normally pretty optimistic and cheerful... But, once again, I need to say this. I promise that this journal will not be used for crying and sobbing out where people can bash me for it.

I'd eventually like to start setting some art up on this place, once I get some done that I feel is worth sharing with the world anyway. I'm also going to be sharing some of my World of Warcraft experiences here.

All in all, I hope this next post isn't going to throw people on the wrong track of who I am. It's just bad timing that I start this journal up I suppose. As much as I want to report about all the cool things in my life, this just that little bit more important to me. :(

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